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I'm a photo school drop out

But I had a good reason...

Story time

  • I was raised with 3 brothers in a ranch house outside Boston. Bunk bed life. Peruvian mom. Boston dad. We spoke Spanglish at home.
  • I spent my summers on Fortunes Rocks at my grandparent’s beach house. 15 years ago my husband and I secretly eloped on that beach. We didn't tell anyone for almost 3 years!
  • When I was in first grade brought a pack of Virginia Slim menthols for show-and-tell. Faked smoked them on the bus.
  • I failed out of UVM after my freshman year. I went to summer school and got my act together. Yay for second chances.
  • I'm a traveler. No matter where I ended up, Chile, France, Peru, Switzerland- I’d always set up my darkroom in some small non-ventilated windowless bathroom. Darkroom fumes are almost as bad as Virginia Slims menthols.
  • I dropped out of photography school a few months before graduation. It was a fork in the road situation. Spend the last of my savings on the final 3 months of tuition or invest in professional camera gear? 8 months later I had one of my first weddings printed in The Knot magazine. Follow your gut!
  • Boy mom. Frankie & Johnny. My path to motherhood was a long & sad one. If you want to talk failed fertility treatments and loss, I’m your girl. If you want to talk miracle & rainbow babies I’m also your girl.

I'm the happiest person with a camera. Sometimes dreams do come true! So grateful for everyone who has supported my small business over the past 16 years!

Thank You

& Bruno ROSCOEWe are brothers!
& Bruno ROSCOEWe are brothers!


What makes more noise than a dog barking?

Two dogs barking!


Agreed. Two dogs are better than one especially if they are brothers!


We are Roscoe & Bruno. While we don’t go on portrait sessions we do make sure that there are plenty of doggie treats in that big old camera bag. Our mom will even photoshop your leash out of the pictures. Most of our favorite beaches and city parks are dog friendly too. Bow-Wow.


Katherine Jane is a family portrait photographer serving Boston-Kennebunkport-North Conway-Lake Champlain