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Hello, friend!

What did one strawberry say to the other?

If you weren’t so fresh, we wouldn’t be in this jam.


But seriously, New England is my jam. Despite living in South America and Europe, I am a native New England girl at heart. From the cobblestone streets of Boston’s North End to the tide pools of Goose Rocks Beach. Follow me on social media you’ll see my kids playing at playground in the Seaport District, tubing down the Saco River in. N.H. and swimming at Mother's beach in Kennebunk.


I have 457 million favorite portrait locations and each of my sessions are designed to fit your families vibe. My portrait work has been printed in Boston Magazine, Maine Home & Design and Expectant Mothers Guide.


I spend most of my free time plotting our next trip, making charcuterie boards, walking the dogs, scouting shooting locations with my boys, going overboard on holidays and bragging to the world that I married a real life firefighter.

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What did the picture say to the camera?

I've been framed!

Families come to me to create organic, timeless and playful images that they can't wait to frame. They love color, texture and rich black & white tones as much as I do. Whether you’re home or away fun, gorgeous images are going to be created!


My studio is known for stellar customer service and attention to detail. No hair elastics wrapped around wrists on this website. Nope!


While I am high energy, a kid magnet and I can make even the grumpiest of grumps relax and crack a real smile, I’m also highly organized. I’m all business when it come to post production, editing and archiving your images.


Sometimes experience doesn’t matters and sometimes it does. In 16 years I’ve photographed over 700 families and 450 weddings. I know all the tricks and tips.


New England ViBES

Some of my favorite things about my favorite places!

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Katherine Jane is a family portrait photographer serving Boston-Kennebunkport-North Conway-Lake Champlain