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like vs. love

at last. Katherine Jane Photography weddings has a whole new look and she has a sister site dedicated to my portraits portfolio. Over the past couple years my family,friends,neighbors,dentist,hairdresser,bartender and clients have been asking me when my new websites would be ready and my answer was always soon. I had forgotten how much work goes into rebranding one website let alone two sites, taking care of current clients and adding a new blog into the mix—CRAZYTOWN.

Last year I teamed up with a Russian supermodel & super talented graphic designer named Katusha Andrievskaia and together we put a somewhat new look together and I liked it. The problem being I’m not really into just liking things that have to do with my studio…I need to LOVE everything. She did an amazing job and the issue wasn’t the artwork it was me. The reason why I just liked it was because I couldn’t get another concept out of my mind. It came to me last year halfway through pulling the new sites together. Most of my ideas come to me between the hours of 2am-5am and on that night/morning, as I was making my way downstairs for a snack, it came to me… a cute wee little map. My mind started racing…cute streets,a beach,shops,the neighborhood around the studio,districts,a key …etc. The problem was I had already put so much time into the original concept that I didn’t want to start over. Starting over meant saying good-bye to hours/days/weeks/months of work, working on it everyday day off from morning until morning, many missed parties and lunches with the girls, countless emails and hours of hours of brainstorming. I decided that I couldn’t start over and that I would move forward with the new look that I just liked, but by that time I was already  knee deep in a busy season, back-to-back destination weddings, meetings, portraits and e-sessions that I never had time to tweak the sites and launch them…which was a good thing.

winter of 2011. After a fabtabstic 2010 it was now the off season (not really an off season with 4 winter/ early spring weddings booked) and like most studios it was time to address things that get pushed to the side during a busy season. I knew I had to finally launch my sites. I still couldn’t get my map concept out of my mind, as much as I tried I couldn’t. I didn’t want to start from scratch but I knew that I had to do what I always do… follow my instincts and heart. It was time to get the sketchbook out and get started.

today. I’m thrilled with how everything turned out. I’ll be making some minor tweaks over the next few week and adding a new client access gallery but I’m happy to say that I LOVE it. I’m also so excited to start blogging again. I took a hiatus from blogging, using my  facebook studio page to post new work. I love FB and I’ll still be posting images and studio news there, but there is something more personal about blogging. I’ll be making weekly blog posts so stay tuned.

{special thanks} to my designer who put up with my detail oriented demanding ways (seriously I was asking her to move trees a tad to the left or a tad to the right), my husband who would make me coffee at 5 am, bring me sushi lunches at 4pm and deliver home cooked dinners to the studio at 10pm, to Ernie for spending hours at my feet while I worked and especially to my clients…you rock.


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