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ten years and ten million new freckles

Last month my husband surprised me with a trip to Costa Rica to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of togetherness (not wedding anniversary but 10 years together.) We have been to Costa Rica many times before, it is our special place. Playa Hermosa is a very small,itty,bitty, tiny surfing town. There are only a few places to stay and eat…it is really all about relaxation. We stayed at boutique hotel Tortuga Del Mar located on the black sand beach of Playa Hermosa. This hotel is the best place to stay on the beach! Loved it. 14 days of drinking strong Costa Rican coffee, walking the beach, surfing,collecting shells,watching sunsets,reading,collecting freckles and of course drinking yummy froze drinks. I have more images taken with my real camera but here are a few iPhone pics. It was a wonderful relaxing trip but it is always nice to also have a wonderful life that you can’t wait to get back to. {special thanks} to my friend Mark who took care of my studio while I was gone,my in-laws for adopting Ernie for two weeks and my husband for making me so very happy…every day of every year:)


Our hotel

Playa Hermosa

fresh squeezed orange juice, ceviche, strong costa rican coffee and lots of fresh fruit

heart shaped rocks.

woof & meow

planes & cocktails & slumber parties @ the airport.

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Jenny - March 3, 2012 - 10:04 PM

love the airplane pic – doesn’t even scare me one bit…

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