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Robert & Tiffany {wedding} Salem Country Club,Salem,MA

Last year while getting ready to leave a sun soaked sandy beach vacation,my husband asked me to try and unplug during our trip. No phones,no emailing,blogging,facebooking…etc. Sure I said….silly boy. I was however allowed to bring the laptop for Netflix/Hulu purposes only. One week later and I found myself sneaking off to the pool area WITH MY LAPTOP to quickly check my email…and there she was…a long sweet email from a bride in Tennessee. In this email Tiffany wrote about how she,a MA native,ended up in TN with her¬†CA native, soon-to-be husband Robert. At that time I was already booked up for the 2011 season, but something about her email threw me into ihavetoshootthiswedding mode.

I met Tiffany & Robert in person for the first time while they were in Boston for a few days. We picked Boston’s North End for their e-session.It was AWESOME. It had been years since they strolled the streets of Boston. I was so happy that we clicked not only over emails & phone calls but also in person. I drove them to the airport after their e-session and fell even harder for them because they were not phased at all by the amount of dog hair that lives in my car. It is everywhere..cup holders,speedometer,inside the engine. They have dog-children too…they get it.

Love,laughter,tears,childhood home & church,donuts,sassy bridal party,gorgeous couple,family & friends of all ages,a whoopie pie wedding cake,a fire alarm,an evacuation,a fire truck and a in the flesh wedding crasher firefighter!




please note the middle image below..taken through a hole on the top of the DONUT BOX


enter fire alarm – followed by a firetruck- followed by firefighters – followed by sassy cool bride.

picking up where we left off…

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