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Elm Bank Wedding

Sometime an English gentleman named Steve meet​s​ and falls in love with a smart and gorgeous French women named Alix. Then they have a perfect wedding on a prefect day.​ They invite kids to their wedding..nieces and a red haired little boy.​ They have yummy food and drink and pastries. They make me eat and drink and I do!

P.S. Love me some ​Elm bank​. Still one of my favorite places to photograph a wedding.

I love kids. They just don’t hold back. This little guy flew across the pond to plant a kiss on his new Aunt Alix. I adore him.


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need an updated headshot?

Daylight savings time really means that it is time to update your current headshot. I’m shaking things up over here with a headshot promo. This is something I’ve been wanting to offer for a long time. There is nothing worse than an outdated profile picture, especially these days with Linkden, Instagram, Facebook…

Where: In and around my studio in Lower Mills

Cost: $99. This includes the 15 min session AND one (1) retouched high-resolutuon file. That is right folks…you get a file with this promo!

Options: Gone are the days of cheesy boring headshots. Shake things up a bit and think outside the box. You have 3 backdrops to pick from

1. black textured background
2. light white background
3. environmental background

Please contact the studio to sign up. www.katherinejanephotography.com

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Tic Tock 2015


Well it is past midnight on December 14th and I just downloaded my last job of 2015. Baby J is a bit over 2 weeks old and she rocked it in front of my camera today. Love it when my wedding clients have babies! Just look at her. GAH!!!


Anyway, in a few days I’ll be closing the studio to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. We are hosting Christmas this year and I have yet to put a dent in my shopping list (not counting the $$$$ I’ve spent on Amazon.com.) I’m rocking a new prosecco punch this year and it is all I can really think about because last year at this time I was on bed rest with my 9lb baby. I have my great-grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe ready to go all I need is the requires 48 sticks of butter. #notcountingcalories


All of the holiday cards have been shipped out or dropped off. I’m just waiting on my last batch of prints, canvas and frame orders to arrive so I can play Santa and make my deliveries. I have a few more edits to finish up but don’t fret…I promise I’ll have  them off my to edit list by the end of the week (Emily/Adam & Amy/Kevin I’m talking about you guys) !!


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Randee Lois Smith - December 14, 2015 - 10:05 PM

OMG – she’s as photogenic as her mother and she’s only 2 weeks old!!!! Much love from Great Aunt Randee in California!

*Happy Thanksgiving*

I just wanted to let you all know that I am packing up my cameras, shutting down the computers and stuffing my pockets full of candy as I close up the studio and head home. The studio will reopen on Saturday November 28th. In years past I would take a full week off after Thanksgiving and enjoy some extra time with family and friends. Over the years, as my business has grown I found myself having less fun over Thanksgiving because I knew that I still had so much going on at the studio. Now it is far less stressful for me knowing that I will have plenty of time for rest and relaxation in just a few more weeks (a planned trip to Costa Rica doesn’t hurt either!) and to work a bit more in November.
I will be out of the studio on Friday November 27th- busy photographing Amy & Kevin’s Cohasset wedding. All emails will be answered this weekend.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I leave you with an image from a shoot I had a few weeks ago. #family

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