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my holiday break

I had grand plans for my holiday break. Grand. Plans. After a record busy year I was looking forward to catching up with family and friends scattered around New England. Fun road trips crisscrossing across VT/NH/ME with a car packed with snowboards,treats,Ernie,wine,prosecco, my laptop to blog my face off and my passport (hello Montreal.)

My vacation started off with a trip to Nantucket to celebrate my husbands big birthday. The big 40. My old man. My original birthday plans include a trip to Rome but unfortunately for him (and me) he couldn’t get his vacation switched from October to December, and October certainly is not a month for me to take a vacation. Sometimes our calendars are in sync….and sometimes not so much. Nantucket is not Rome but it is breathtaking beautiful and peaceful. Neither one of us have ever been to the island, I KNOW CRAZY but I summered in Maine and I’m a Maine beach & lobster girl at heart!

We stayed at the Nantucket Hotel & Resort and loved it! Gorgeous room, sweet staff, yummy breakfast and it’s located only a few blocks away from the ferry terminal and downtown. We rented a car for a day and explored the entire island. It was rainy,cold,windy and beautiful.
After a long season with my heavy camera wrapped around my neck I was more than content to only have my iPhone camera on this little birthday getaway. Here are a few pics I took when it wasn’t raining.

What a great way to start out my holiday break.
Not.So Fast.
Shortly after we returned from Nantucket out household was under attack by acute bronchitis,the flu and tonsil & sinus infections. No fun road trips. Instead we became fast friends with antibiotics,Kleenex, warm air humidifiers,flannel pj’s,inhalers and chicken noodle soup!
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