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I know that there are bigger issues in this world for me to worry about besides the annoying wires in/on/around my t.v. entertainment area. The lack of love I have felt for my t.v. stand has kept me up at night for the past 4 years. 4 years of making do until I found something that I loved. I would like to tell you that I’m being dramatic or exaggerating but that would be lie with a capital L. Family/husband/friends…will all tell you that I like things to look pretty…all the time. I want my home to look like a magazine spread even if I’m not home or if nobody is coming over for dinner. My mom tells me that I was born like that…basically placing fresh flowers on my diaper changing table before I could sit up. {insert reality. I’m not perfect. I have frizzy hair 90% of the time, I have yet to start my garden and my car is the junk draw of my life and it is covered in dog hair}
Anyway,last Sunday the husband and I decided to check out the SOWA winter market in the South End. After buying some cheese & snacks we strolled around the neighborhood and stumbled across a vintage market where I found a vintage radio flyer wagon($15) a 1930’s industrial style stool($25) and an old street map of Boston(not $15 or $25.)
As we headed back to the car with our “finds” the husband decided to grab a coffee at the cafe located in Mohr & McPherson.  The husband grabbed his coffee walked around the store, checked out the 2nd floor, then came back to the first floor where I was busy emailing a few clients. Then I heard some lovely words “cutie there is metal thing upstairs that I think you might like.”  The husband knows me so well. There on the 2nd floor I found an industrial sideboard on wheels…basically the t.v. stand off my dreams. My sweet husband drilled a hole in the back of it so now the yucky cable box/wireless router/apple t.v box all live together happily-ever-after… behind closed doors.
It was love at first sight…you know what I mean:)
{iphone pics}



enter the new T.V. stand {iPhone pic}


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