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Holy macaroni!! My blog is covered in cobwebs and not the Happy Halloween kind either. I do love me some Halloween. I’ve basically been on a blogging vacation for not days, not weeks, not months but years. YEARS!!! Why? Sit back, gab a coffee, tea, or a nice tall flute of prosecco because I’m about to get real.

Almost 4 years ago after 7 years of trying to get/stay pregnant my husband and I were shocked/overjoyed to find out that I was pregnant with my now happy and healthy 3-year-old son Frankie. Nineteen months after Frankie was born we were blessed again with another baby, my son Johnny. Two babies in 19 months. After years of heartache, miscarriages at the hospital, miscarriages at home, fibroids, IUI’s, IVF’s, blood tests, injections, ultrasounds, biopsies, hearing heartbeats, not hearing heartbeats and 5 months into the egg donor process I was blessed with getting pregnant the old fashioned way, twice and having two healthy babies. I am one grateful lady. Special thanks to all those special clients who have shared their stories and offered support. You know who you are and OXOX!

As you can imagine I have been so busy and happy with my little family. I’m happy. I am SO happy and grateful and humbled. Life is full, stressful, and not stressful. It is beautiful and messy and did I say busy? Anyone who really knows me knows that I am over-the-top crazy organized. This skill has helped me keep my studio open during these past four years. I made it through those hard years of being a self-employed freelance photographer- stay-at-home-mom. Wait for it, wait for it but the reality was that certain parts of my business had to change/put on hold/scaled back in order for me to spend as much time as I wanted to spend raising my boys and be happy with the level of work and customer service I was providing my clients. I personally can’t do EVERYTHING well. Here is what went down…



I just didn’t have the time to keep my blog current and show the world all the projects, couples, babies, headshots, freelance projects that I had in front of my camera. Don’t get me wrong- blogging is very important. Blogging is a tool that helps photographers show potential clients current work. Blogging is a way for my clients to share their photographs with family and friends. I basically stopped blogging because I was still getting work {turning lots of work away} and I thought it best to spend my allotted studio time behind the camera, editing images and meeting with my current clients instead of trying to expand my client base. Blogging is time consuming. Could I outsource blogging? Sure, but to me blogging has always been really personal. I am emotionally connected to the words behind the images and to my clients. Instagram and FB are great tools but a blog post has a bit more dimension to it. I decided to put blogging on hold until I had more time to give it 100%. Guess what people…that time in now people. Yay!


Back in 2012 I photographed 21 weddings. I shot weddings in Vermont, NYC and all over Boston. After Frankie was born I gave myself a 10-wedding limit. After Johnny was born I gave myself a 5-wedding limit. Quality over quantity. Always. This motto is the backbone of my business.

Now that my boys are getting bigger, sleeping through the night and have their own little lives with school, swim lessons and play dates, I find myself rested, having more free time to dedicate to my clients, more time to meet new clients, basically more time to kick some ass in the wedding photography department.


I can’t even tell you how much I love portrait photography. I have to say that over the past 4 years the portrait photography part of my studio has grown and grown. Kind of awesome. I will continue building this part of my studio and will be back blogging the hundreds of faces that I have photographed since becoming a mother.


I have a new studio/office! I am putting the finishing touches on the space and plan on having a studio opening on the same day as the Lower Mills Holiday Stroll. My new space is more of a meeting space with the same vintage living room style that I love so much. I just ordered a lush green velvet sofa. Can’t wait for it to get here! What I love about this space is that it is connected to Santosha Yoga studio. Dream lighting for headshots or a newborn session.

Studio open house will be on Thursday November 17th from 5pm-8:30. Stop by and say hi and check out the space. Sip some prosecco, nibble some cheese and crackers and fill your pockets with penny candy!

My new address is 60 Adams Street, 3rd floor, Milton MA.


I’m kicking off 2017 with a limited wedding collection promotion and I’ll be participating in a wedding show at one of my FAVORITE venues in New England. I am not a wedding show girl but this venue isn’t just any venue. Stay tuned!

Blog posts without images are ZZZZZZ so here is baby E and his big brother. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!! This shoot took place a few weeks ago around the corner from the studio. Love my hood!

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