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2018 I already love you.

Hi 2018. I’ve been waiting for you! I can tell that this year is going to be a kind of kicka@@. I am a deadline, New Year’s resolution type of person. I get excited about buying old school planners and writing down my daily, weekly, monthly goals. Years ago I used to blog all of […]

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Tic Tock 2015

I’LL NEED COFFEE IN THE MORNING AND I WANT TO STEAL THIS BABY: Well it is past midnight on December 14th and I just downloaded my last job of 2015. Baby J is a bit over 2 weeks old and she rocked it in front of my camera today. Love it when my wedding clients […]

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*Happy Thanksgiving*

I just wanted to let you all know that I am packing up my cameras, shutting down the computers and stuffing my pockets full of candy as I close up the studio and head home. The studio will reopen on Saturday November 28th. In years past I would take a full week off after Thanksgiving […]

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Happy Thanksgiving & other news

Is it really November 24th!?!  Where did this season go. I do love this time of year because I basically get to photograph so many new and old families AND we are about to enter the romantic proposal season. I’ve been crazytown busy with weddings, portraits and the new studio this fall. I’m currently working […]

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*open studios*

I am happy to announce that the new studio is almost ready to open. I still have a few things left on my to do list but that isn’t stopping me from throwing a wee little cocktail party. Truth be told I have ONE free Saturday this summer and if I don’t use it up […]

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