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2018 I already love you.

Hi 2018. I’ve been waiting for you! I can tell that this year is going to be a kind of kicka@@. I am a deadline, New Year’s resolution type of person. I get excited about buying old school planners and writing down my daily, weekly, monthly goals. Years ago I used to blog all of […]

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Holy macaroni!! My blog is covered in cobwebs and not the Happy Halloween kind either. I do love me some Halloween. I’ve basically been on a blogging vacation for not days, not weeks, not months but years. YEARS!!! Why? Sit back, gab a coffee, tea, or a nice tall flute of prosecco because I’m about […]

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Tic Tock 2015

I’LL NEED COFFEE IN THE MORNING AND I WANT TO STEAL THIS BABY: Well it is past midnight on December 14th and I just downloaded my last job of 2015. Baby J is a bit over 2 weeks old and she rocked it in front of my camera today. Love it when my wedding clients […]

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Goodbye & Thank You 2013

Goodbye 2013.  I will miss you because you were so very good to me. First off you gave my my sweet baby boy Frankie. You let me explore the beaches and mountains of New England and showed my stomach a good time in the restaurants of NYC. Although you gave my sweet sister-in-law breast cancer, […]

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