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Me. I'm the freckled faced photographer and owner of katherine jane photography. My studio is known for organic, romantic,sassy wedding photography, stellar customer service and warm living room stye studio (pet & kid friendly.) When not in the studio I can be found making my two little boys laugh, traveling the world, making sangria, chocolate chip cookies & monkey bread ,untagging myself on facebook, drinking coffee with sugar and cream while still in bed, antique shopping , eating fried clams on my favorite beach in Maine and bragging to the world that I'm married to a Boston firefighter We have a dogchild named Ernie and yes he is the studio mascot (he might or might not have his own facebook page.)

*studio news* something to celebrate

Phew! I am finally moved into the new studio. I have some unpacking and decorating to do but that is the fun part. I have had my eye on 1162 for almost 5 years now. It is the perfect studio space for me. Not too big and not to small AND with yummy window light. […]

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In 18 days!!

Can please somebody explain to me how we are almost halfway through the month of April!! In 18 days I move into my new studio space. YES, that’s right a new studio space! I won’t be moving far…just up the block into the next building BUT the new studio is going to be very different. […]

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Goodbye & Thank You 2013

Goodbye 2013.¬† I will miss you because you were so very good to me. First off you gave my my sweet baby boy Frankie. You let me explore the beaches and mountains of New England and showed my stomach a good time in the restaurants of NYC. Although you gave my sweet sister-in-law breast cancer, […]

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The studio is closed…….Happy Holidays!!

  What a delicious year. Not only was I blessed with my sweet boy Frankie but I also got to photograph so many fabtastic couples, kiddos, babies and families this year. Lots of new faces and so many familiar ones. I am fully aware that my blog has been a bit dusty this season but […]

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