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Me. I'm the freckled faced photographer and owner of katherine jane photography. My studio is known for organic, romantic,sassy wedding photography, stellar customer service and warm living room stye studio (pet & kid friendly.) When not in the studio I can be found making my two little boys laugh, traveling the world, making sangria, chocolate chip cookies & monkey bread ,untagging myself on facebook, drinking coffee with sugar and cream while still in bed, antique shopping , eating fried clams on my favorite beach in Maine and bragging to the world that I'm married to a Boston firefighter We have a dogchild named Ernie and yes he is the studio mascot (he might or might not have his own facebook page.)

Stacy & Mike New England Aquarium Wedding

Picking up where I left off…. Stacy and Mike. One of my favorite weddings ever. I’m a simple girl. Give me a wedding with a water taxi and I am thrilled!! This couple opted to have a first look and all family and bridal portraits taken before the ceremony…good thing because right before the ceremony […]

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2017— Corinthian Yacht Club wedding

I love a new year. I love living in the moment but boy do I love a fresh new year. I’m also one of those list people. My lists have lists.  This year -2017 is going to be a big one and I am excited to take a big old bite out of it. My […]

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it is not too late!!

Okay slackers listen up–that beautiful, colorful, apple cider smelling photo shoot that you meant to schedule…well that window has closed. The remaining leaves on the trees are holding on for dear life. I don’t judge as I haven’t even taken my boys photos yet!! Don’t panic. I am offering a life jacket and it is […]

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Last Call

Holy smokes! It has been one busy fall season and I can’t believe that Halloween ( my favorite holiday) is right around the corner. I have a few outside portrait sessions and 2 more weddings left on my calendar for the rest of the year. I’ll be spending most of November and the first week […]

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