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2018 I already love you.

Hi 2018. I’ve been waiting for you!

I can tell that this year is going to be a kind of kicka@@. I am a deadline, New Year’s resolution type of person. I get excited about buying old school planners and writing down my daily, weekly, monthly goals. Years ago I used to blog all of my personal/studio New Years resolution…so here goes…

Run the Popular Brooklyn Half Marathon. Once upon a time I was competitive runner and now that my babies aren’t babies anymore I have more time to lace up and train. Fingers cross I get a bib…they sold out in minutes last year!

Blog once a week. I know, I know. I say this every year and I almost always fail. I actually love to blog. I enjoy sharing information and images about what is happening in and outside the studio. At the same time I’m think that it is important to disconnect and get outside and away from my computer and phone. SO this year cheers to a bit more blog and balance!

Cool it on the true crime shows. I spend much of my time sitting in front of my computer and I tend to listen to a whole lot of podcasts and documentaries. I need to cool it with the true crime/cold case shows. {Right now I am listening to a Dateline on YouTube} My poor husband…I keep telling him about all of these true crime stories where the husband is always the bad guy!!

Open a second studio location. Last summer I signed a lease for a storefront studio space in downtown Biddeford, ME. This space is in a historical building with with high tin ceilings, exposed brick, old wide wood floors, huge windows with yummy light. The community is just as beautiful. Renovations were delayed for a few months but we are on track to open some time this spring. I’m so very excited to spend more time in Maine. Biddeford is a second home to my family and me. I spent my summers there as a kid, I lived there between college and photography school and I was married there. My parents live near Fortunes Rocks beach so need I say more! Also Biddeford has always been one of my favorite places. Besides the memories I have from my childhood, there is an energy there that as a businessperson and artist just seems to speak to me. I always follow my gut and my gut was telling me to take the plunge and set up shop on Maine Street! I am still keeping my cozy little space located on the Milton/Boston line. I’m a traveling gypsy at heart so splitting my time between Maine and Boston…meow!

Go camping. With the husband and our two small boys. Lord. Help. US. Stay tuned.

Give Back…more. Volunteer work and giving back has always been important to my studio, my family and me. This year I will be working again with Mare (Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange) photographing children who are looking for their forever families. I have no words to express the feeling that I get when I find out that one of the children whom I’ve photographed has found their forever families via The Heart Gallery!

With our second studio location set to open sometime this spring in Biddeford, ME I will be holding monthly food drives and donating a portion of my Main Street portrait collection to the Biddeford Food Pantry, located around the corner from my new space.

Girls Weekend At Boyden Valley Winery. I went to college in Vermont…the University of Vermont and I feel like it has been waaayyyyyyy too long since I’ve had a girls weekend away with my VT friends. This past fall I had a minor (yet famously painful post recovery) and I promised myself that in 2018 I was going to make a VT weekend with my favorite ladies a priority…with wine! Boyden Valley Winery has always been a must stop when I’m driving through VT. Such a fun and tasting with yummy local cheese.

Oysters. Shuck and eat more of them. Yum! I don’t think I’ve shucked an oyster in 10 years!! So sad. What is wrong with me?

Make more ceviche. I’m half Peruvian after all!

Dust off the old surfboard. I have two small boys and they think that when I dive into the ocean or get on a surfboard that they will never see me again. They ruin the surfing mood!!

More date nights with my Boston firefighter. We both have busy and sometimes opposite work schedules and spending time as a family unit is a priority. The sacrifice is we don’t have must time alone together. This year we are making date nights a must!!

Develop all of my exposed rolls of film. I went to the New England School of Photography were I studied Wedding & Portrait photography. I love the digital age but from time to time I miss the peace I find when I’m in the darkroom developing rolls of film and making prints. Can’t wait to carve out some darkroom time at NOC Darkroom.

Photograph a beach elopement. Planning to run away to the beach with your love and get married? CALL ME!!!

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