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Happy 2012. I’m very excited about this year,mainly because I have always liked the number 12…I’m easy to please:) 2011 was a phenomenal year for the studio,my busiest year since I opened my studio 7 years ago. So busy in fact that I’m still putting together 2011 blog posts so I won’t write about my year in review highlights just yet. So many great couples,new parents/babies and cool kids. I think I say this in every post but I really do feel like the luckiest girl with a camera.

Looking forward to 2012. My wedding season is just about full and it is going to be insanely fun{back yard weddings,island weddings,b&b weddings,library weddings,museum weddings,beach weddings,farm weddings,garden weddings,city weddings..etc}…LOVE. 2012 is going to be a b-u-s-y one, which is why I used this holiday vacation to work on my non-studio to do list. We usually opt for a tropical holiday, but this year we took advantage of the mild weather to get it done!!
Here are some iphone pics of my vacation. My real cameras spent the holiday at the camera spa getting ready for the next season.
{my first day of vacation}
ORAL SURGERY. Good times. My husband snapped this image of me mainly because I never stop…I’m go-go-go so to see me passed out during daylight hours is not common. After I woke up from surgery the first thing I requested was a cocktail and a donut from Donut King…I don’t remember this happening but it does sound like me. Last time I was put under I woke up telling the nurses that I loved my husband even though he was a little bit lazy. If you read this entire post you will see that that is not true:) Not lazy. Ernie wasn’t feeling quite like himself either (found out why later) and spent the first part of vacation sleeping.


Happy birthday to my sweet husband. I took him away for lunch at Duck Fat and dinner at one of our favorite places Street & Co. Yum and more yum.


I have a soft spot for a Charlie Brown Xmas tree. I always seek out the wee little cast off of a tree, bring it home and make it feel handsome and special. I always make two things during Christmas. 1.monkey bread 2. sugar cookies….hello butter! Huge yummy ham…prepared by my wonderful mother-in-law:)

{next up- NO FUN for hours and days….although more fun for me than husband}

First up- new exterior kitchen door. Bye-bye ugly rotten slider. This to do list task took waaaaaayyyy longer than we thought it would, but I’m so happy how it turned out and Ernie gets to keep his nook under the cappuccino machine.


{project number 2}

The next project started just a hours after we finished a kitchen exterior door project. EXHAUSTED much. We bought our home 3.5 years ago. It was love at first site. We love living where we live and take pride in making our home look as beautiful as possible,inside and out. Our home was built in the late 1800’s and has great bones and the interior was in great shape. The yard…not so much. Last spring we started an extensive yard/irrigation project and thought that we would have to pick up where we left off once winter knocked on our door. Luckily winter was been kind to us so we cancelled our travel plans and opted for a staycation instead. I promise you, next holiday break I will be in either Peru or Costa Rica:)



{let’s face it}
I’m not building walls or doors but while this was happening I took some time to organize the den…the hub of my personal photos/framing (there is a leather sofa in there..covered with frames) and tiptoed back to the studio to sort my 2011 paperwork (thanks here to my office manager Cristen who helped me.)


I then moved on to giving my sunroom a mini makeover.  I found these $12 hooks at Anthropologie on sale for $2 and used buttermilk rust color paint to make a home for all of our winter wear. For a tiny little family we sure do have lots of shoes & coats! Love the chalkboard sided boxes that fit perfectly into my bakers rack. SCORE.Because I’m a good doggie mom I even created a nook for all of Ernie’s collars and leashes:)


{yard sale,flea market finds,art}
I’m not working I love going to the beach, visiting antique/ flea markets,thrift stores and yard sales collecting shells, diftwood and shopping for portrait props and personal treasures. Love collecting cameras,art,old books,dough bowls,burlap… The good part is I don’t buy anything that I’m not going to use but the bad part is I don’t usually have free time to do anything with my finds until I’m on vacation but we usually travel while on vacation{not complaining} so I collect and wait. So while the husband was digging,painting, measuring and using heavy equipment I worked on the inside of the house. Turing a minnow basket into a chandelier,framing, hanging canvas, framing prints etc..


{4th time…3rd floor}
In the middle of all this fun I had promised my brother that we would help him move. This is the 4th time that we have helped him and this time he was smart and kept the fact that he was moving into a 3rd floor unit a secret. Good thing he is my favorite.OOXX

{new year’s eve}
My husband,Ernie and I always spend Dec 31st with the same 4 people. Our best friends. Tradition. This year we added a newborn and another pup to the mix. We usually travel to VT to ring in the New Year, but this year we hosted and somehow pulled everything together just in time. The last lesson of 2011…this girl can cook if she really wants to:)

{ernie..insert sad face}
We just found out that my sweet pup and studio mascot Ernie will be having his 2nd ACL surgery in a couple weeks. Until then he will be spoiled as ever and will get to watch his favorite show…Breaking Bad.


{stay tuned} next up on the blog…Mike & Beth.

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