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*open studios*

I am happy to announce that the new studio is almost ready to open. I still have a few things left on my to do list but that isn’t stopping me from throwing a wee little cocktail party. Truth be told I have ONE free Saturday this summer and if I don’t use it up celebrating the new studio…well that would be a shame!!

Come by the new studio and enjoy a glass of wine/prosecco and make your sweet tooth very,very happy.

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Seaport Engagement Session with Alix & Steve

Meet Alix and Steve. He is British, she is French and they both love Game of Thrones! They are pretty much the total package…beauty, brains and they are FUNNY. We strolled around the Seaport District and took advantage of the amazing weather. It didn’t start raining until I got back to my car. Thank you mother nature!
Alix & Steve are will be married in July at Elm Bank.
​Here are just a few images from their engagement session.​

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*studio news* something to celebrate

Phew! I am finally moved into the new studio. I have some unpacking and decorating to do but that is the fun part. I have had my eye on 1162 for almost 5 years now. It is the perfect studio space for me. Not too big and not to small AND with yummy window light. Plenty of room to have a shooting area and a client living room area to sip prosecco/cappuccinos and chat about weddings or view portrait session images. The studio mascot has already moved in his X-L doggie bed. Priorities.

To celebrate the new studio I will be holding mini session for…THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE. Yes folks your eyes aren’t playing trick on you.

Sessions last 20 min at my studio and/or a few of my favorite shooting spots
up to 4 people/pets
in-studio ordering session

The GIVE-A-WAY. Okay now for the really fun part. On May 31st I will be putting all of my mini session client names into a hat and Frankie (my insanely cute 10 month old) will be selecting one lucky winner. The prize…a 16×20 canvas gallery wrap valued at $325. Yippee.
Contact the studio to reserve a spot.

phone: 857.540.9545
email: katherinejanephotography.com

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In 18 days!!

Can please somebody explain to me how we are almost halfway through the month of April!! In 18 days I move into my new studio space. YES, that’s right a new studio space! I won’t be moving far…just up the block into the next building BUT the new studio is going to be very different. It is almost twice as big as my current space, crazy high ceilings, insane window light, cute brick sidewalk out front and a spanking brand new studio sign!

The studio will be way more than just a meeting space. I’m in the process of designing the layout of my new shooting area, client meeting lounge and of course the studio mascot will have a bigger bed. Before and after pictures coming soon…along with about 30-something blog posts that I have been working on this winter.

Stay tuned for the studio opening party info and a HUGE portrait promo to celebrate the exciting changes happening over here at Katherine Jane Photography!!​

P.S.Because blog posts without pictures are boring…feast your eyes on these two little ladies. Sisters. New sisters!​

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Stephanie Purves Studley - April 28, 2014 - 3:44 AM

Congrats on your new space!! I hope we can come see it and have a family photo done soon!! :)

Goodbye & Thank You 2013

Goodbye 2013.  I will miss you because you were so very good to me. First off you gave my my sweet baby boy Frankie. You let me explore the beaches and mountains of New England and showed my stomach a good time in the restaurants of NYC. Although you gave my sweet sister-in-law breast cancer, you also saw her kick it’s @SS! You showed me how loved I am by my photographer friends, not sure what i would of done without their support during my final weeks of pregnancy and delivery. 2013, you taught the studio mascot that sometimes being a good big brother means giving up some walks and belly scratches. You let me see my sweet, grumpy, shy husband as a father…a sweet not grumpy father.  You brought to my studio so many familiar faces and so many new ones. 2013, you know how important it is for me to show my son Frankie that his mom doesn’t only work to provide for him but that she truly loves meeting and photographing people. Some of my clients have become close dear friends. Pretty cool. Before I say goodbye to 2013 I have to tell you that this year was a bit different other years.  Typically, I spend my as much time as possible traveling to both near and far destinations. I work hard and I play hard. Crepes in Montreal one day and lunch at a Cuban restaurant in Brooklyn the next (with a trip to a Maine beach along the way.) Antiquing, snowboarding, photographing sassy couples and soft warm babies, soaking up the sun in Costa Rica and FL, baking cookies for my husband’s firehouse, day tripping and the list goes on and on. I try to live my life to the fullest. BUT…this past year was a bit different. After I found out that I was pregnant (naturally) with Frankie I basically hid out at home and waited until he was born.  I didn’t even go to Brimfield!!!  I was pregnant for most of my off season and for the start of my wedding season. I was so very afraid of having a another sad pregnancy story (insert sad pregnancy stories/9 failed fertility treatments, years of more sad baby stuff here) that I seriously hid out at home and waited for him to arrive safely in my arms. I took refuge in my “off season” to do list and wedding consultations.  I also gave up coffee & coloring my hair for 9 months…need I say more.
Anyway, I obviously wouldn’t change anything about 2013 but I’m so looking forward to 2014. I hope to fulfill some of my  New Years resolutions…in no particular order.
1.  Run the Boston firefighter 10k. I sign up every year and every year something comes up and I never end up running. This will be my year.
2.  Stop dropping the F-bomb. Yes it is true… don’t let the freckles fool you. I swear. I need to tone it down a notch. I would never drop the f-bomb at a wedding or portrait session but I will get in my car afterwards and say to myself  “Wow, that wedding was f*@#INg gorgeous.
3.  Cook more. I do aspire to cook for my husband more…I wish this for myself/him every year but somehow it just doesn’t happen. I really have accepted the fact that I’m the cleaner/interior decorator and he is the cook. That being said I do love food and when I do cook what I make is pretty  freaking (notice no f-bomb) tasty. It’s nice to shop for particular ingredients and bring them all together to create something delicious. I’ll have you know that tonight I did indeed cook. On the menu was white wine and pesto mussels with potato gratin and salad. YUM!
4.  Make a gingerbread house next Xmas. I say that I’m going to do this every year, I get all Pinterest crazy about it and again…I fail and never make one. Next year I WILL make a gingerbread house. #stillbitterthatitdidn’thappenthisyear
5.  Train the studio mascot Ernie how to walk on the leash next to me​ and the stroller. I’ve run over his paws a few thousand times already. Wish us luck!
6.  Go for more bike rides. I live near the Neponset River and have access to a bike path that goes on for miles. Every year I take my bike in for a full tune up but I never seem to get as many rides in as I would like.
7.  Stop watching the Real House Wives of the OC/New Jersey/ Atlanta/Beverly Hills and Miami. Yes, hi nice to meet you. I’m the one person who actually watches the Real House Wives of Miami. In my defense I really only listen to these shows while editing but surely I can find something a bit less fantastic.
8.  Make an effort to spend more time with friends. This whole being self-employed and working on the weekends gig  leaves little time to socialize with my M-F/9-5 friends. I miss you guys. OOXX
9.  Blog more. Yes, I know that I say this every year but I have promised myself that this will be the year for a katherine jane blog explosion.​ I have so much work to share that it is ridiculous. I love my blog and do know that it is important to share the latest and greatest. Dear blog, let’s kiss and make up.​
10. Keep my car clean. One could eat linguine off my bathroom floor. My car…not so much.​ I should also mention that I have everything in my car. If I were to crash and roll my car down a cliff and into a ravine and and let’s pretend that at this point I’m still alive I would survive.  I have water, a sleeping bag, granola bars, first aid kit, paper towels, wind shield smasher, scissors, jumper cables, rain boots, extra clothes for Frankie, food for Ernie, old school paper maps, umbrellas, a small inflatable pillow…okay I just realized that I might be crazy. I might need to make a New Year’s resolution to stop watching Dateline.
11.  Volunteer. Anywhere. I am so blessed and have so much that it doesn’t feel right not to give back. I have been volunteering for years, The Pine Street Inn, Special Olympics, Heart Gallery, Volunteers of America and Angell Memorial. The past couple years my schedule was so hectic that coordinating volunteer work became an issue. I hope to make time to give back in 2014.
12.  Visit my family in Peru. My dad is a blue eyed Irish American guy but mom is a sassy brown eyed Peruvian. I have one million relatives in Lima and I haven’t been back since 2008. TOO LONG!!! Can’t wait to go at the end of this year.
13.   Start a real garden. Not a flower box garden but a grow stuff in the ground garden. We bought a house in Dorchester almost 6 years ago and part of the appeal of living here was that I could get an old house, our was built in 1880 and I could have a slice of green space to have a patio, play ball with Ernie and GROW FOOD….all while being close to the city. I’m lucky that my best friend is a master gardener and she will be helping me. I want a mix of fruit and veggies. This past season I had a wildflower & sunflower garden in my front year. It was incredible…the sunflowers were over 6 feet tall. I saved some seeds and hope to have even more this year.
14.  Go clamming. My parents live by the beach in Maine. I love clams. Seems like a no brainier.
15.  Make a French fruit tart. Years ago I lived in France and my friend’s mother gave me her family recipe. I’m also going to frame the recipe first because she wrote it on really pretty paper and it is in French…frame worthy to me.    ​
16.  Use Instagram more. I’ve had an account for a while but I’ve only started using it. Most of my pics are of Frankie but I promise to mix it up. Follow me at katherinejanestudio
17.  Visit my brother in Brooklyn as much as possible!!
18.  Wear sunscreen NOT JUST ON MY FACE.
19.  Stop Amazon Priming everything under the sun at 3am…from my phone..while in bed.​
20.  Surf. We have 7 surfboards, wet suits. I need to dust them off this year!
Goodbye 2013. Thanks for making all my dreams come true. 2014, I like you already!
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Nelly Ryan - February 5, 2014 - 3:42 PM